Weak Mirror

Weak Mirror at Groc Projects

21.12.2019 Guille Caivano

This show presents a collection of recent works, the paintings are hosted and surrounded by objects that where done specifically for the space.

The whole installation could be seen as a a self portrait of a painter and its habits, tools and obsessions.

As I see it, painting is a form of escapism from the world, but one that even though it gives the perfect excuse to be left alone engages with the world obliquely.

One paints the world, but a personal and therefore distorted reflection of it all, creating an unclear visual narrative, therefore the view- er has to complete a possible reading.

Guillermo Caivano

Born in Barcelona, Spain in 1977
Foundation, Chelsea School of Art, London, England 2000
BA, Fine Art&Art History, Goldsmiths University, London, England 2000-2003 MA Painting, Royal Academy, London, England, 2003-2006
Lives and works in Barcelona.

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